Orthopedic Footwear- Footwear made to accommodate deformities, prescription footwear and special needs including but not limited to bunions, callouses, hammertoes, arthritis, extra width, extra depth.

Diabetic Footwear – Footwear made to accommodate diabetics. Some include but not limited to high toe box, plastazote lined shoes, breathable stretchable fabrics to prevent ulcerations.

Shoes Custom – Shoes made for persons who cannot be fitted with a stock shoe. They are made to accommodate deformities, such as leg length discrepancies, partial amputation of toes, club foot and other congenital deformities. Custom shoes are made from castings of patients own foot and require a prescription.

Foot Orthotics – Custom made foot orthodics made on the premise. Adjustments can be made while customers wait to get a perfect fit.

Various types of foot orthodics include:

  • plastozote
  • celastic
  • leather
  • plastic
  • metal

Custom bracing – All custom bracing are made from casting.

Braces include:

  • Arizona Brace
  • AFO (Ankle foot orthosis)
  • KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis)
  • Metal braces attached to shoes (stock and custom)
  • Knee braces (protective and supportive)
  • Back braces (LSOs-lumbar sacral orthosis)
  • Cervical orthosis
  • Hand and finger splits
  • Humeral supports

Prosthetics – A NJ Licensed Prosthetist is on staff to service people who have lost toes, lower limbs, hands or arms due to accidents, birth defect or other situation. Appliances can be made in a variety of materials which are lightweight yet supportive.

Mastectomy – Fittings are done by certified mastectomy fitters and are scheduled by appointment. Sizes of prosthetic breasts range from 1-16. Companies we deal with include Amona, American BreastCare, Truform, Anita, Jodee,  AlmostU and others.

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SAS, PW Minor, New Balance, Dr. Comfort, Pedors, Orthofeet, Drew, Markell, Aetrex

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